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Yuneec's E-GO electric long board has a 400W motor and hidden between the engine and the Battery is E-GO Electronic Control Unit. The E-GO battery uses the latest technology and is housed in a patented flexible water resistant casing that changes shape with the movement of the deck. It has an auto sync lock system, informative LED's, hi/lo speed setting, riding style setting, speed velocity control and even a flashlight. The wireless controllers are the easy to use ignition key that you simply slide to accelerate and slide backwards past neutral to slow down to a stop. A Yuneec E-GO iPhone app is also available that allows you to connect to your electric skateboard via Bluetooth. The wheels are manufactured from polyurethane using superior materials that provide a comfortable ride even when riding over uneven surfaces or encountering small stones that could stop a regular board.

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$1,299.00 (incl GST)

Box Contents

E-GO Electric Long Board

Wireless Remote Controller

240V/110V Battery Charger

Truck Tool

Owners Manual

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Deck Battery

7.8mAH Capacity


900 grams

Deck Motor

Brushless direct current. Maximum 400W, Average power 150W

Transmission: Synchronous drive belt

Deck Connection Ports and Buttons

Charger Socket: Input 29.5V, 2000mA°

ON/OFF Switch: Sync your controller to your battery and display LED status

USB Port: Charge your remote controller directly from your E-GO battery pack

Controller Batteryr

240mAH Capacity


50 minutes charge time

Controller Features

ABS Contruction

Multi Colour LEDS

Vibrates for low battery warning

2.4GHz Frequency

<4dBm Power

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