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Typhoon H

Yuneec & Intel have teamed up to make the worlds first truly intelligent consumer drone, Typhoon H. The Yuneec Typhoon H uses Intel's RealSense camera to automatically avoid collisions in its path as its 'ultrasonic proximity detection' allows the drone to sense what is happening around it. It is even capable of detecting a person's blood pressure and heat.

The Yuneec Typhoon H is a ready-to-fly (RTF) unit that includes the CGO3+ 4K Camera, Typhoon H BackPack and ST16 Controller. The Yuneec Typhoon H features six easily foldable arms that allow for the copter to be stored easily for transportation. The copter also uses retractable landing to ensure that the 360-degree gimbal is free of any obstructions. the 360-degree gimbal includes the CGO3+ 4K/12 MP camera allowing for stunning aerial videos/photos.

The Typhoon H includes new safety features that are a result of the partnership between Yuneec and Intel. The copter includes a ultrasonic proximity sensor that assists the pilot in avoiding large obstacles. The Yuneec Typhoon H is also able to fly and land safely with just 5 rotor blades. Additional safety features include: Geo-fencing, Variable Speed Control, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home.

Price $2,499 (advanced version) including bonus Wizard Controller

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trackimo trackimo

Trackimo TRK100

One of the biggest fears of any droner is a fly away. Drones have the ability to travel extremely vast distances, but once they’re lost, they’re often lost for good. To protect your new piece of technology, it is highly suggested you invest in GPS drone tracking. Unlike many GPS trackers, Trackimo’s device has no magnets and weighs only 42 grams, making it ideal for droners. It’s well known that magnets wreak havoc on drones. It’s important to keep your drone safe by always knowing the whereabouts of your new toy. GPS tracking is essential to achieving peace of mind with your new drone, but using a tracker that’s too heavy will weigh it down. Trackimo is both tiny and lightweight so you’ll hardly notice it after attaching it to your drone.

TRK100 comes with many different mounts to attach securely in many various locations, meaning you can also use the device to track down stolen vehicles, know the exact location of your children, pets, or elderly relatives at any given time, know when your child has exited a set safety zone, track a lost family member with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, track your lost luggage or a business shipment or to aid your loved ones in distress

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NZD $249

spare part

UAV Pilot Flight Simulator


Download the UAV Pilot software and start your flight exploration with the Yuneec Fligth Simulator! With the Simu-connector, users can experience real flight even when sitting in front of a computer. The flight simulator – with Simu-connector – is compatible with all remote controllers supported by Yuneec protocol, and provides users with a realistic flight experience in a safe, simulated environment. The Flight Simulator can be controlled wireless within 10m, with virtual telemetric data being displayed on the interface.

Please find the software download here (Note: only compatable with ST10, ST10+ & ST24)

NZD $129

spare part

Q500 Series Wizard One Hand Remote Control


ONe hand, total control. The ultra-lightweight and compact Typhoon Wizard allows users to pilot their TYphoon multicopter with the use of only one hand, making it even easier to capture life's memoriewsw from a bird's-eye view. Functionalities like starting motors, changing flight modes, flying manually, Watch Me and Follow Me, Return Home and even the new revolutionary point-to-fly functionality is right in the palm of your hand.

NZD $299

spare part

Typhoon Action Camera

Stabilized imaging in 4K

NZD $899

spare part

Typhoon Q500 G

Arial & ground imaging solution fror your GoPro

NZD $1,599

Intel & Yuneec product collaboration

Intel has poured more than $60 million into Yuneec International Co, as a broad range of technology companies investigate the possible commercial uses of unmanned aircraft

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